Saturday, 21 November 2009

Drama in the Community - 20th November

What Story??? What Space???

In todays lesson we discussed what the plan of action was going to be for the forth coming weeks leading up to our performances and the performances themselves.
We made a plan and everyone confirmed their availability so that the timetable and the running orders could be made so that we all knew exactly what everyone was doing on the day of the performances.
This was really helpful to me because i was able to set my mind at rest and i now have a clear view as what is happening.
Me and Sharmilia are working as a pair and are telling the story together.
Because Sharmilia is only performing on the first week im going to adapt the story that we have so that im able to tell it without her on the other weekends.

We worked on our storytelling for the remainder of the lesson and we all decided on which space would suit out stories best. I decided that our story would be best told in the bathroom because it relates to our story itself, and therefore it can be imagined better by the children if the space they are in is recognisible.

Through out the lesson i was hearing little bits of other peoples stories and i was really pleased to hear how different they were from everyones in the group. Even though they are all about christmas they are very diverse and different. This is fab because it will definatly keep the audience, especially the children, interested.
Also another great idea is that there are going to be 'driffters', people who are going to walk about and just begin to tell their stories to anyone anywhere.

I have a really positive feeling about these performances and i hope that the people who come to Ham House and listen to our stories really enjoy them and get them in to the CHRISTMAS CHEER!!!