Thursday, 15 April 2010

Tuesday 13th April

Elleray Hall

Me and Laura went to Elleray Hall today to talk to a lady called Linda.
After being in contact with them before me and Laura already knew that they were enthusiastic about us working with them and them getting involved in the day’s celebrations.
Therefore we approached them as if they were already involved. We recapped on what the day was going to involve and we told her what we are doing on the Saturday.
She was very happy and assured us that the men and women who attend Elleray Hall would most probably be very interested in the days of celebrations.
She also was pleased at the prospect of us working with the group over a period of 4 Wednesdays from now until the week of the birthday, starting next Wednesday.
Due to transport issues for the day she said that they most probably would be able to get an Age Concern bus for the day to transport the group to and from the event. But it does only carry 15 people. She said she will do as best she can to get as many people from the group involved on the day as possible, even if some of the volunteers who work there drive their cars.

So during the workshops that we will be doing with them we are going to make masks with them one week, paper flowers with them another week, etc. She also told us that some of the people who go there are involved in a mosaic group. When we mentioned to her that every group that is involved in the day is going to make a letter from the sentence ‘Happy Birthday Ham House’ she was looking forward to the idea that maybe their letter could be in mosaic form.

After a pleasant meeting with her in the Sunny gardens we said our Goodbyes and left looking forward to going there again next week and begin the workshops :)
Wednesday 24th March

Let the Mexican antics begin!!!

NINE THIRTY I arrived at Tina’s cabin today ready to work, paint, cut, draw, stick, and decorate all the items we needed for the evening in the SU.

The piñatas had dried almost completely with exception of a few damp patches.
I began to decorate my piñata with the three colours of the Mexican flag.
Once al the paper had been attached I decided to paint over the paper with the same colours just to give it a stronger look.
I was soooooooooo pleased with how it looked, I didn’t want someone to take a stick at it now and break it apart after all the work I had put into my beautiful piñata.
Once they had all been decorated and had dried I then filled them with large amounts of sweets and tissue paper, threaded them with string and then they were ready to be hung up in the SU.
As Tina’s cabin was getting very crowded with all the decorations, we decided that we needed to begin taking them over to the SU to give us more room to work.

Over went the palm trees and my ‘Amazing’ flag, hahaha and then back to the cabin for more creative ideas.
We made two more palm trees to go with the other two we had already made. Also we made numerous mini Mexican flags that we decided would look great draped everywhere in the SU. Mini Mexican men and cacti joined the rest of the decorations.
We all said that we needed a big impact on people as they arrive, so three very large strips of fabric were brought in the three colours of the flag and were draped in the centre of the SU, with the words “Welcome to Mexico” in English and in Spanish written across it.

After many many many hours of designing the decorations making them and erecting them it was finally time to go home and get ready for the evening.

Even though I spent over 2 hours on the door collecting the admission fees from people I had a good night, until I left slipped on the pavement in the rain and twisted my knee and ended the night in pain, (after only ONE drink) :(

We made slightly under £150 profit with taking into account we had to pay for security was not bad takings for the night. There were not as many people there as we would have liked but we all had a good time.
The process of the entire fundraising evening helped us work more closely together and brought all the small groups within the entire group together and we worked as a team well I thought.

One down side to the evening, as I was on the door when the Piñatas got smashed apart I never got to see what happened, after my many hours of making one I never got to see. I was not happy with that part of the evening…
Tuesday 23rd March.

Mexico Mexico Mexico.

Today me and the design team began to create the decorations for the Mexican / Spring Break SU night tomorrow.

Piñatas, Flags, Mexican men, Palm trees, etc.

The piñatas was the first item on our long, long, long list of things to do.
We needed to do these first because they had to dry between each layer of sticky, floury, gluey mess of paper.

We each started with a blown up balloon, and made a paste out of flour and water, which apparently to ZOE would work.
I said we needed to add PVA glue as well just to make it that much stickier, so I did.
We then began by sticking small strips of tissue paper to the balloon layer by layer, gradually building it up. We then added thicker paper to give it a firmer hold and once that had all dried we then give it another layer.

They now needed a long time to set before we add coloured tissue paper to decorate them with. Therefore there was nothing more we could do to them today. Tomorrow we would have to finish them and fingers crossed they will be dry before the evenings antics begins.

I then took on the job of making a MASSIVE Mexican flag to erect in the SU.
It took quicker then I thought and in no time at all I had made a master piece (three strips of colour). But still it looked great.

Palm trees was the next item on our list, Zoe and Hannah began sketching out the trunks of the trees while I tried my best to draw the shapes of the main ‘leafy bit’!
Once we had drawn the parts of the trees we had to paint them brown and green.
They looked great and we were all pleased with our efforts.
But was two enough???
We are defiantly going to make more tomorrow if we have time.

A long day but we got a lot done and excitement looms for tomorrow :)