Saturday, 24 October 2009

Drama in the Community - 23rd October

The Nation Trust Film Office.

In todays lesson a man called Harvey came into out lecture to talk to us about The National Trust Film Office, and how it functions as a company.

We learnt that the filming in grounds and houses owned by the National Trust can range from Student Films, to fashion photo shoots to documentaries to TV Dramas to Blockbuster Films.
Crews that use the grounds can range from 1 to 150 at any one time, so PREPARATION is one of the main factors that needs to be thought of when allowing such a mass of working people into a historic house etc.

So why let filming happen on Nation Trust property???

That is the main reason for allowing film crews to use the National Trust property.
As the National Trust is a Charity it needs as much money as possible to keep up and running.
Also the films etc that is produced on the grounds create alot of visitor interest. People from the public come to many of the grounds of the Nation Trust and pay entry because it has featured in a big film etc.

We were also told about all the different complication that can occur when film crews are using the grounds and houses.
We were shown into the house and were taken into the Great Hall and were asked what we would move and protect if a film crew were using the space.
We were able to visualise where the film crews would set up their equiptmewnt and the damages that could occur with misuse of objects.
We were told of damages and what the companys would have to pay for if damages arised.

I found this really interesting, because i myself have worked with a film crew at a National Trust stately home in Cornwall, called Lanhydrock House. I had a small part in Antiques Roadshow when they used the grounds for filming. The programme wanted to film some history of the house to show in the programme, and i auditioned for a part of the kitchen staff and was given the part.
I had no idea of the complexity of arrangements that went into organising filming at a National Trust property.
As part of the actors you dont get to see that side.
I didnt realise that health and safety was a major issue with the film crew. As i was in the kitchens we had the fire alight and pots cooking away on the stove. At the time i didnt know that there were people on the side lines ready with fire extinguishers and fire blankets. It does seem a bit obvious now but when your their filming and part of the crew you dont really think of the actual place you are filming you are concentrating more on doing you job and doing it well.

The preparation that is done before during and after filming is huge and very important.

Story Ideas!!!

Nearing the end of the lesson we showed each other our ideas for a short story that could be shown at the christmas festival.
Me and Sharmila worked together to create a story about a Autumn Fairy who helped a young lady who used to live in Ham House hundreds of years ago.
We used the idea of a pumpkin and that the seed of a pumpkin can be the making of your dreams, if you believe enough than it can come true.
We used aspects of Cinderella and Aladin to create the body of the story and the meaning speaks for itself.


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