Saturday, 5 December 2009

First Performance 5th December

Do you want to hear a story???

Today was our first performance at Ham House.
And what a day it was.
For a first performance i feel that as a group we all performed and handled the audience really well, taking into account we did not know how the day was going to pan out.
At first the day began slowly with only one or two familys walking around but as the day went on more people arrived and were really interested in what we all had to offer.
I was in the bathroom telling my snowman story, because the bathroom is slightly off from the rest of the rooms not many people were venturing into the room in which i was waiting to tell my story. But once a few people came in and listened to my story more people followed and at one time i told my story to a large group of familys.
I seemed to find that people were walking around in big groups, and most of the time i was telling my story to big groups of people, and then no one would come to listen to my story for about 15mins.
I did find myself telling the story slightly differerent when i had different numbers of people listening. At one time i just had one child and her dad listening; my storytelling would change and become more personal to them.

The facepainting was my favourite part to my day which i found slightly surprising. I really enjoyed painting the childrens faces with lots of different designs, and i found myself talking to the children and interacting with them alot more then when i was storytelling. I even told my story to one of the children whilst i was painting her face, because she would not sit still, i asked her if she would like to hear a story while i painted a snowman on her face. Painting a snowman and telling a story about about a snowman was a really nice way to connect the two.

There was alot of really nice feedback about our presence today at Ham House and i found that what i was told by different people has really helped me think about how i can improve my performance for the following dates.
There are a few changes that as a group we have decided to change for tomorrows performance and fingers crossed the changes will make the great performances we gave today even better :)

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