Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Well how much has happened since my last blog!

Ham house will be turning 400 in May and as the house's resident theatre company we have been asked to organise the procession and many of the activities for the day of celebrations.

I decided to work on my own on a challenging task that involved working with a GCSE Drama class in my local community.
During feburary i began working with the GCSE class as they were participating in a Arts Award festival.
Unfortunatly the school had to pull out of the festival for many reasons therefore the work i had begun with them and the work i had planned for the next 2 months could not be completed.
Even though im not working with them on the entire project i still feel that i learned alot from the few sessions i worked with them.


After i spoke to Mark i was reassured that there was still plenty for me to get my teeth into for the up coming celebrations at Ham.
I was still quite looking forward to working with a group of people from the community.
Laura told me about a old peoples home situated in the Richmond, Ham area that were very enthusiastic about someone coming into the home and working with the residents, maybe getting them involved in a few workshops and then the prospect of them joining in the celebrations on the day.

I had soooooooooooo many ideas about this and immediatly spoke to Mark to see what he thought of my ideas.
Laura has got to get back in contact with them and fingers crossed i will be able to work with the home and successfully get them involved.
I had the idea that the work i did with them would be based on the subject of World War 2. Most of the residents would have been alive during the War and would have their own experiences about that time.
My idea involved working with the house using the subject of the War.

I also had the idea of talking to the Historian at Ham house and for me to get an insight into how the house was affected during World War 2.
This i feel is a very strong starting point.
Also the house would be interested in joining the prosession on the day :D
It would be fab to get a large amount of people for the older generation as well as the younger one.

Things are looking very exciting now!!!!!!!!!!!

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