Thursday, 18 March 2010

Twickenham sCRAP Store!

Last week i drove me Hannah and Laura around Twickenham looking for the scrap store. After a long time driving in circles we finally found it in a large recycling industrial estate.
When we were shown to the building where the scrap store was i almost laughed out loud with dissapointment, i thought the woman was joking!!!
It was a little shed like building that was sooooo small, that contained a few boxes of bits of carpet and old fabric cuttings, boxes of paper, magazines and old folders that had been recycled by old businesses.
What a complete load of sCRAP.
We were not happy.
All we managed to get was a bag of old carrier bags that we could use to make flowers etc in the workshops.
Fingers crossed the next one we plan to go to will be BETTER...

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