Thursday, 18 March 2010

* Meeting *

Today most of the group at the meeting which was great because it allowed us to discuss what everyone has been doing and who everyone has contacted etc.
As part of the Design team we were able to tell the rest of the group about the face moulds we made on tuesday with tina, and what we decided on about the FLAG.

The Mexican night next wednesday was also discussed and we made a rota for who is doing what on the night and who will be manning the doors at what times.

Next tuesday me and the rest of the Design team will be making pinata's for the mexican night and we are still playing with ideas about different things we can make to make the night look great.

Contacting people is still we all feel slightly slow and undefinate still.
By the end of March we have said that all the groups that have been contacted will know what is happening and the communicating between us and them will be constant.
But we still need to get more people involved.

Workshops with all the different groups we have already are going to begin shortly :)

Come on guys we are going to do this and its going to be great. x

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