Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Tuesday 11th May

Animals Animals Animals

Go the design team Go!!!

The animals are really looking great, i should hope so after all the time we have spent making them.

My pig is almost finished now, it just needs all the finishing touches done to it, for example the eyes, the tail and the colour for the body, but that is all being done on the creative day on the Saturday. As is the mane and the tail for the horse and all the bodily colours for all the animals.
The Pelican is coming along nicely now and the body of the badger which i created today is starting to work as a badgers body, however the head definatly needs more work because at the moment it doesn't really look like anything.
But im sure once Tina gives us ideas on how to correct it, the Badger will look as amazing as the Goat, the Beaver and the Pig.

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