Saturday, 1 May 2010

Wednesday 28th April

Elleray Hall's second workshop.

Me and Laura went to Elleray Hall today to do a workshop with some of the elderly members that attend.
Last week Laura and Zoe worked with the group and made masks.
This week we made noise makers out of plastic bottle, pasta and various decorating items.
We decided as a group that it would be a great idea to have more noise in the procession on the day of the celebration. Therefore we decided it would be a great idea for the members of Elleray Hall to help us with this task.
Nine members of the group helped us today to create these noise makers, some of them were more able than others, Laura began by going around the less able people and showing them what to do, however i sat nearer the more abled people and whilst creating my own noise maker i helped give inspiration and ideas to people.
Once i had finished mine i then placed it in the centre of the table so that the rest of the group could see what they could do.
I then helped a lady who was sitting next to me who had trouble attaching the tissue paper to her bottle. Together we then painted it, and covered it in glitter and then added more tissue so that it had some kind of design.
Overall the group enjoyed making the noise makers with us, and i enjoyed myself aswell, i especially enjoyed the old music that was played and the group singing along. The whole workshop had a great feeling about it, and i felt really good to have brightened up a part of their day :)

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