Saturday, 1 May 2010

Tuesday 20th April

Design group, Tina, and a load of £1 laundry baskets!!!

"Today we will be making the animals from the story out of these laundry baskets."

I asked myself; 'How in God's name are we going to be able to achieve this?'

At first we all chose a character from the story in which we will TRY and create, i choose the charatcer of the 'perspirating pig'.
Capturing the initial structure of the animal at first was a must. Because pig's are rounded and the baskets in which we were using are squared i had to try and make a more rounded shape. Using spare wire i made circles and attatched them to the inside of the basket by stitching them to the netting.
A more rounded shape was forming and i was able to move onto the head of the pig.
I had to keep refering to a picture of a pig on the internet, because even though i think i know what a pig looks like when it comes to recreating one it is surprisingly hard to visualise.
By the end of our session with Tina we had all achieved some kind of animal enen if it didn't really resemble the animal we were trying to create. This will be something we will have to do in a following session.

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