Thursday, 13 May 2010

Wednesday 12th May

Elleray Hall

In today’s workshop with Elleray Hall Laura and I worked with the group and produced some lovely colourful paper flowers.
Laura had lost her voice; therefore I had to practically run the whole workshop. Once the people arrived I began the workshop by showing them how to create the flowers and showed them step by step the processes of making them. I gave them all a template of the shape of the paper petals and gave them all paper scissors and a stapler. Some of the older members had slight difficulty handling the scissors and did not have the strength in their hands to use the staplers; therefore I helped them with the cutting and the construction of their flowers. It was nice to see that they all helped each other and constantly praised each others work. By the end of the session we had created as a group twelve multi coloured flowers that can be held in the procession by the members of the group. These flowers will bring colour and variety to the procession.
It was nice to see how much they enjoyed themselves during the workshops and I fell great, as a person, because I know that they have enjoyed themselves and it gives them something different to do with their day.

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