Saturday, 1 May 2010

Tuesday 27th April

Im sweating over the Perspirating Pig :(

In todays session we had to continue with our animal creations.
As the week had passed Tina had created a pretty impressive Goat; this then gave us all the hope that it actually would be possible to create these animals out of these laundry baskets.
Once i had worked on the shape of my Pig more i decided to try and create some of the features so that i would be recognisable as a Pig and not just as some kind of animal.
I began to create the ears for the Pig, this was a rather long winded task. The ears in which i originally made i thought looked good and realistic, but Tinas said that they were not big enough and that i should reconsided making them again and adding more fabric to create a more reaslitic look.
Even thought my oringinal ears took a while to make i agreed with Tinas and decided to make them again.
This time i made tham much bigger and as i created them i found a way of making them slightly 3D and therefore they became much more effective.
With part of the snout already attached to the head and the ears made to 'perfection' hahaha i was able to see the character of the Pig coming though.

We also discussed what we think each animals body should be covered with.

The animals are looking good but we still have alot of work to do on them!!!

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